Die persönliche Partnervermittlung für alleinerziehende Eltern

„Creating a blended family is a challenge 
that you can rise to.“

Single Parents


Whoever already has one or more children has a quite special challenge for the life partner search. The chemistry must be right for all parties. Then there is also the time factor. Whoever has a family often doesn’t have sufficient time to devote to the search for an open heart and try one date after another. One’s priorities lie elsewhere.

 Nonetheless, you yearn for a person who thinks you are attractive and desirable-who sees and values you as a woman or a man and nonetheless knows that your children are an inseparable part of your life.

Thus, I have consciously focused upon this main point in order to support women and men on their partner search who are raising children on their own in order to find the correct family partner with whom you and your children would like to share your lives.

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Die persönliche Partnersuche für Alleinerziehende Eltern

Single Parents

Women and Men who are at least 25

Women and Men who are at least 25

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Women and Men who are at least 55